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Cato's Choreography:

Here you will find all of Cato's choreography in English.
You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to read the stepsheets.

Please advice!!!
New emailaddress!
On all stepsheets there is a email address written on the sheet.
The email is changed! Change "cato" into "cl" and it's right again..

Newest dances:
- Something in Spanish
- Idiota (The Reverse Dance)
- Rave In The Grave
- Not A Rumba
- Bright Side Of Life
- Play With Me

Dance Music   Level
1,2,3 1,2,3,4 - Ann Taylor   int
A Little Closer Closer - Frida Amundsen   beg
Add 'Em All Up Add 'Em All Up - Paul Brandt int+
Ain't It Funny Cha Ain't It Funny - Jennifer Lopez Alfie int
Alfie Alfie - Lily Allen Alfie beg
All Join Hands All Join Hands - Slade nov
Am I? Am I Supposed To Love Again - Veronica Akselsen Are Your Eyes Still Blue int
Are Your Eyes Still Blue Are Your Eyes Still Blue -
Shane McAnally
Are Your Eyes Still Blue int
Baby Keep Smiling Baby Keep Smiling - Lou Bega beg+
Back In Baby's Arms Back In Baby's Arms - Bigfoot beg
Back When Back When - Tim McGraw beg
Bad Things Bad Things - Jace Everett Not Without Us beg
Bang-A-Boomerang Bang-A-Boomerang - Abba   nov
Be By You Baby Wanna Be By You - The Tractors beg+
Beer Or Gasoline Beer Or Gasoline - Chris Young Not Without Us int
Believer Believer - Imagine Dragon imp
Bella Bella
Bella Bella Signorina -
Patrizio Buanne.
Bella Bella nov
Bling Bling Here Bling Bling Here - Banaroo   imp
Bombadilla Life Bombadilla Life - Franklin   int
The Boss You're The Boss -
Brian Setzer & Gwen Stefani
Bright Side Of Life Livets Lyse Side - Finn Kalvik Bright Side Of Live imp
Brothers Under The Sun Brothers Under The Sun - Bryan Adams int+
Burning Burning - Maria Arredondo Not Without Us adv
Buzz Buzz - Steps beg
Cadillac Tears   Cadillac Tears - Kevin Denney Cadillac Tears beg
Can't Get Enough Can't Get Enough - Modern Talking Can't Get Enough int+
The Call The Call - Backstreet Boys int+
Caterina Caterina - Helmut Lotti int
Change In My Pocket Keep Your Hands To Yourself -
Georgia Satellites
Chicken Rodeo Chicken Rodeo - Dusty Cowshit Chicken Rodeo int
Couldn't Care Less I Don't Care What Time It Is - Rachael Platten    
Criminal Criminal - Britney Spears
Cross Every River Cross Every River - Maria Arredondo Cross Every River int+
Cross My Heart Cross My Heart - A* Teens
Floorfiller - A* Teens
Cross My Heart adv
Darlin' Darlin' - Frankie Miller   imp
Don't Count Me Out You Can't Count Me Out Yet -
Travis Tritt
Don't Cry For Louie Don't Cry For Louie - Vaya Con Dios int
Don't Know Why I Don't Know Why I Do It -
Mark Chesnutt
Don't Make Me Beg Don't Make Me Beg - Steve Holy Easy Does It impr
Dream Away Dream Away - Helmut Lotti   int
Easy Does It The Anthem - NG3 Easy Does It beg
Easy Come,
Easy Go
Grenade - Bruno Mars Easy Does It int
Easy Rockin' X-Mas Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer - Alan Jackson
Rockin' Little Christmas - Deborah Allen
Easy Does It beg
The Escape The Escape - Chris De Burgh int
F5 Tornado - Little Big Town F5 int
Fairytale Fairytale - Alexander Rybak
Easy Does It
Feed You My Love Feed You My Love - Margaret Berger
Easy Does It
Festival Fun Unbelivable - Diamond Rio
Big River - Trick Pony
Festval Fun beg
Frontin' On Me Frontin' On Me - Velvet Empire int
Girls Night Out Girls Night Out - Gina Jeffrey beg+
Hey Ho Hey Ho - Freddy Kalas   nov
Highway Highway - TinkaBelle Not Without Us int
Hold On Hold On - James Fox Not Without Us int
Hold On, Be Strong Hold On, Be Strong - Maria Haukaas Storeng Chicken Rodeo int
I Was Built For Blue Jeans I Was Built For Blue Jeans - Tyler Dean   nov
I Won't Cry I Won't Cry - Elin Lanto Easy Rockin' X-Mas novice
Idiota Idiota - Sofia Reyes   imp
Imaginary Woman Møkkamann - Plumbo
In Control Address Book - Status Quo Not Without Us int
In Hell In Hell I'll Be In Good Company - Dead South   int
It's Not Funny Can't Get Arrested - Nik Kershaw
Easy Rockin' X-Mas
Jealous Jealous 'Cause I Love You - Venke Knutson Not Without Us beg
Jingle Bell Swing Jingle Bell Swing - Garou   imp
Just A Friend Just A Friend Of Mine - Vaya Con Dios Not Without Us int
Killer Love Killer Love - Nicole Scherzinger   beg
The Kinser Influence Bad Influence - Pink Not Without Us beg
Kissing K.I.S.S.I.N.G - Rhett Akins   beg
Let's Get Happy Let's Get Happy - Lou beg+
Like Me -
Only Prettier
Only Prettier - Miranda Lambert
Not Without Us
Long Distance Call The Call - Backstreet Boys int+
Lookout Møkkamann - Plumbo nov
Mad Summer Mad Summer - Maria Arredondo int
Makudonarudo Makudonarudo - Namewee Not Without Us int
Mistletoe And Wine Mistletoe And Wine - Cliff Richard Not Without Us int
Mosquito Boogie Gimme Dat Ding - The Pipkins Mosquito Boogie int
My First Cherry Pie My First Cherry Pie - Katzenjammer int
My Kind Of Country Boogie And Beethoven -
Gatlin Brothers
My Name Is Stain My Name Is Stain - Shaka Ponk   int+
NG3 The Anthem - NG3 int
Never Ending Love Never Ending Song Of Love - New Seekers Not Without Us beg+
Not A Rumba Rumba Med Gunn - De Derre Rumba Med Gunn int
Not Without Us Not Without Us - DJ Ötsi Not Without Us beg
Perfect Love Perfect Love - Lutricia McNeal int
Play With Me Candlelight - Jack Savoretti Play With Me imp
Quicksand Quicksand - Caro Emerald   nov
Rave In The Grave Rave In The Grave - AronChupa Rockin' Little X-Mas int
Rock Mi Rock Mi - voXXclub   adv
Rockin' Little Christmas Rockin' Little Christmas -
Deborah Allan
Rockin' Little X-Mas novice
Roll With The Wind Roll With The Wind - Alexander Rybak Not Without Us int
Rudolph The Reindeer's Hangover Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Alan Jackson
Run Sue, Run! Runaround Sue - Dion Rockin' Little X-Mas beg
Sarah's Angel Angel - Sarah McLachlan Rockin' Little X-Mas beg
Say My Name No More Say My Name - David Guetta   int
Scared Of Heights Scared Of Heights - Espen Lind (Norway) Rockin' Little X-Mas int+
Sealed With A Kiss Sealed With A Kiss - Chris De Burgh Sunny Day int
Seasons In The Sun Seasons In The Sun   int
Shakin' With Shaky Various songs of Shakin' Stevens beg+
Shame On Me Shame On Me - Rachel Proctor Shame On Me beg +
She Danced When She Started To Dance - Tony Carey Shame On Me int
Singing The Blues Singing The Blues - Guy Mitchell   nov
Small Town Girl Small Town Girl - Shannon Brown Small Town Girl int
Soldiers Soldiers - Abba Sunny Day int
Something in Spanish A Tu Manera - Sofia Reyes   int
Sticky Hands Sticky Hands - Jorun Stiansen   beg
Strange Heart Strange Heart - Earl Sunny Day nov
Sturm Und Drang A Million Nights - Sturm Und Drang Sunny Day adv
Sunny Afternoon Sunny Afternoon - Drake Bell   nov
Sunny Day
(aka Atter En Solskinnsdag)
En Solskinnsdag - Postgirobygget Sunny Day beg
Sugar And Pie Sugar And Pie - Bigfoot novice
Take Back Yesterday Take Back Yesterday -
Christian Ingebrigtsen
Taube's Waltz Änglamark - Evert Taube int
That Don't Bother Me That Don't Bother Me - Catherine Britt Sunny Day nov
Theme For A Dream Theme For A Dream - Cliff Richard   nov
This Is That This Is That - Mike Walker
Tired Of Being Sorry
Tired Of Being Sorry Tired Of Being Sorry -
Enrique Iglesias
Tired Of Being Sorry int
Torero Torero - Chayenne adv
Tell Me Why It Hurts Tell Me Why - Jessica Folker
Hardly Hurts At All -
Maria Arredondo
Trouble Is A Friend Trouble Is A Friend - Lenka Tired Of Being Sorry int
Two-Steppin' Christmas Two-Steppin' Around The Christmas Tree - Suzy Bogguss int
Umbrella Umbrella - The Baseballs   beg
Un, Dos, Tres Un, Dos, Tres - Sofia Reyes Tired Of Being Sorry beg
Under The Mango Tree Under The Mango Tree - Tim Tim Tired Of Being Sorry beg
Undressed Undressed - Sara Connor    
Walk With Me Walk With Me - Michael Learns To Rock Tired Of Being Sorry adv
What Now? Hur Gör Vi Nu - Sara Varga
Tired Of Being Sorry
Whiplash Wrong Night - Reba McEntire int
Win The Race Win The Race - Modern Talking Tired Of Being Sorry int
Wooden Heart Wooden Heart - Elvis Presley   nov
Wrapped Around Again Wrap Around - Keith Anderson beg
You Were There You Were There - Carter & Carter beg
Young Turks Young Turks - Rod Stewart   int

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