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Cato Larsen
Cato Larsen from Norway is a talented choreographer and instructor who loves travelling and goes to bed very late. And all because of Linedancing.

I start my day in front of my PC and spend quite a few hours there. I never have breakfast. The reason I am so computer bound, is because I run a lot of well-known dance-clubs in Norway, and I have to translate EVERY stepsheet we decide to use. Of course I have to plan a lot of things too. Things like what dances to teach, where I can find the music, deciding on the next event and so on.

I also run the Norwegian Masters once a year, and that too takes some time to organize.

As I also work part time in an Electronic store, my time is well used.

So after a day's activities I like to unwind with a decent film and then snatch some more hours on my beloved computer to do some more Linedance related work.

Sometimes, as inspiration takes me, I like to write a new dance and that is generally around 2am. I usually go to bed somewhere around 4am.

Linedance is everything to me and the music is my inspiration for the dances I write. I am very choosy though and I always look for one brand new move in every dance I write. This is a bit of a trademark for me as I know no other choreographer who does the same.


Other self imposed rules I like to follow are that mydances should flow naturally and I will spend a lot of time on that. As my policy is quality and not quantity I am happy with an output of about 5 dances a year.

I also travel alot. Especially around in Norway. I feel lucky that through my Linedance passion I have been able to see so many beautiful parts of Norway. From Lindesnes (the south point of Norway)) to Harstad (a town for North), I enjoy it all. Because of all that travelling, I have no partner, kids or pets. Being away from home so much is not good for any relationships!

Another achivements I am proud of is that during the last five or six years, I have created a very detailed Instructors teaching and training course about dance and teaching techniques as well as terminology, dance history, musictheory etc...

Linedancing changed my life the day I first came across it. That was in May 1997 and I even quit my job in 2000 to pursue my dance and teaching interest to the full. However I don't really like thwn thingts become routine so that is why I got back to part time work.

My life is a full one and has been made better thanks to Linedancing. I ahve hundreds of friends throughout the world and that is directly because of dancing. I would not have it any other way.


Who inspires you and who gives you support?
Since I don't have any partner in my life, I have to look elsewhere. My classes students give me alot of support and a lot of inspiration too. I just love them all! But I do have a very good friend who is always there for me and to whom I turn to for support in my life.!

How has Linedance changed your life?
I have a better posture, I travel a lot, I am hired to do a lot of teaching and people seems to respect me more because of my success. We even get to be seen in TV shows every so often... Life is good these days!

How does a dance "happen"?
Listening to a song's particular lyrics sometimes fires my imagination and I just have to write a dance to it. "Bella Bella" was a perfect example and so was "Cadillac Tears" which took me just five minutes. I needed a routine that day for a technique class and I wanted everyone to be trained on "Lilt motion".
"Cadillac Tears" was the result. I once had two girls ask me to write a dance about a song they wanted to use as a showdance. I loved the tune and after hearing it, I created "Chicken Roadeo" in about thirty minutes. But sometimes it takes longer than that!


So apart from Linedance and part time work, does Cato Larsen do anything else?
Oh yes! I love work and I DJ at weekends as well as teach private parties like birthday parties, bachelor parties and so on. I also run my own Internetshop where I sell imported country CD's and Swarowski Iron-on motifs.

Any ambitions?
I would like to teach at the bigger events abroad. Like England, USA and Asia.
Though I have taught at the World Masters a couple of years ago, I do want to do more travelling abroad.
And ecpecially teach alongside some of the bigger names in Linedancing today.
I would love to attend Big Dave's event in Leeds for instance.

So it is fair to assume that linedancing has a big place in your life?
Definitely. I run six classes a week and Linedancing IS my life. Everything in my world has to fit around my dancing.

The whole article with pictures and all is found here:

iDance Dance Wear


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