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Cato's Choreography:

Here you will find all of Cato's choreography in English.

Please advice!!!
New emailaddress!
On all stepsheets there is a email address written on the sheet.
The email is changed! Change "cato" into "cl" and it's right again..

Newest dances:
- Best Night Of Your Life
- Dead Man Walking
- Neste Sommer (Next Summer)
- Effort
- Break These Shackles
- To Hell & Back

Dance Music   Level
1,2,3 1,2,3,4 - Ann Taylor   int
A Little Closer Closer - Frida Amundsen   beg
Add 'Em All Up Add 'Em All Up - Paul Brandt int+
Ain't It Funny Cha Ain't It Funny - Jennifer Lopez Alfie int
Alfie Alfie - Lily Allen Alfie beg
All Join Hands All Join Hands - Slade nov
Am I? Am I Supposed To Love Again - Veronica Akselsen Are Your Eyes Still Blue int
Are Your Eyes Still Blue Are Your Eyes Still Blue -
Shane McAnally
Are Your Eyes Still Blue int
Baby Keep Smiling Baby Keep Smiling - Lou Bega beg+
Back In Baby's Arms Back In Baby's Arms - Bigfoot beg
Back When Back When - Tim McGraw beg
Bad Things Bad Things - Jace Everett Not Without Us beg
Bang-A-Boomerang Bang-A-Boomerang - Abba   nov
Be By You Baby Wanna Be By You - The Tractors beg+
Beer Or Gasoline Beer Or Gasoline - Chris Young Not Without Us int
Believer Believer - Imagine Dragon imp
Bella Bella
Bella Bella Signorina -
Patrizio Buanne.
Bella Bella nov
Best Night Of Your Life Best Night Of Your Life - Olly Murs   int
Bling Bling Here Bling Bling Here - Banaroo   imp
Bombadilla Life Bombadilla Life - Franklin   int
The Boss You're The Boss -
Brian Setzer & Gwen Stefani
Break These Shackles Shackles - Thorsteinn Einarsson   int+
Bright Side Of Life Livets Lyse Side - Finn Kalvik Bright Side Of Live imp
Brothers Under The Sun Brothers Under The Sun - Bryan Adams int+
Burning Burning - Maria Arredondo Not Without Us adv
Buzz Buzz - Steps beg
Cadillac Tears   Cadillac Tears - Kevin Denney Cadillac Tears beg
Can't Get Enough Can't Get Enough - Modern Talking Can't Get Enough int+
The Call The Call - Backstreet Boys int+
Caterina Caterina - Helmut Lotti int
Change In My Pocket Keep Your Hands To Yourself -
Georgia Satellites
Chicken Rodeo Chicken Rodeo - Dusty Cowshit Chicken Rodeo int
Couldn't Care Less I Don't Care What Time It Is - Rachael Platten    
Criminal Criminal - Britney Spears
Cross Every River Cross Every River - Maria Arredondo Cross Every River int+
Cross My Heart Cross My Heart - A* Teens
Floorfiller - A* Teens
Cross My Heart adv
Darlin' Darlin' - Frankie Miller   imp
Dead Man Walking Dead Man Walking - Svea   imp
Don't Count Me Out You Can't Count Me Out Yet -
Travis Tritt
Don't Cry For Louie Don't Cry For Louie - Vaya Con Dios int
Don't Know Why I Don't Know Why I Do It -
Mark Chesnutt
Don't Make Me Beg Don't Make Me Beg - Steve Holy Easy Does It impr
Dream Away Dream Away - Helmut Lotti   int
Easy Does It The Anthem - NG3 Easy Does It beg
Easy Come,
Easy Go
Grenade - Bruno Mars Easy Does It int
Easy Rockin' X-Mas Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer - Alan Jackson
Rockin' Little Christmas - Deborah Allen
Easy Does It beg
Effort Effort - Svea Effort int
The Escape The Escape - Chris De Burgh int
F5 Tornado - Little Big Town F5 int
Fairytale Fairytale - Alexander Rybak
Easy Does It
Feed You My Love Feed You My Love - Margaret Berger
Easy Does It
Festival Fun Unbelivable - Diamond Rio
Big River - Trick Pony
Festval Fun beg
Frontin' On Me Frontin' On Me - Velvet Empire int
Girls Night Out Girls Night Out - Gina Jeffrey beg+
Hey Ho Hey Ho - Freddy Kalas   nov
Highway Highway - TinkaBelle Not Without Us int
Hold On Hold On - James Fox Not Without Us int
Hold On, Be Strong Hold On, Be Strong - Maria Haukaas Storeng Chicken Rodeo int
I Was Built For Blue Jeans I Was Built For Blue Jeans - Tyler Dean   nov
I Won't Cry I Won't Cry - Elin Lanto Easy Rockin' X-Mas novice
Idiota Idiota - Sofia Reyes   imp
Imaginary Woman Møkkamann - Plumbo
In Control Address Book - Status Quo Not Without Us int
In Hell In Hell I'll Be In Good Company - Dead South   int
It's Not Funny Can't Get Arrested - Nik Kershaw
Easy Rockin' X-Mas
It's OK It's OK - Imagine Dragons   int
Jealous Jealous 'Cause I Love You - Venke Knutson Not Without Us beg
Jingle Bell Swing Jingle Bell Swing - Garou   imp
Just A Friend Just A Friend Of Mine - Vaya Con Dios Not Without Us int
Killer Love Killer Love - Nicole Scherzinger   beg
The Kinser Influence Bad Influence - Pink Not Without Us beg
Kissing K.I.S.S.I.N.G - Rhett Akins   beg
Let's Get Happy Let's Get Happy - Lou beg+
Like Me -
Only Prettier
Only Prettier - Miranda Lambert
Not Without Us
Long Distance Call The Call - Backstreet Boys int+
Lookout Møkkamann - Plumbo nov
Mad Summer Mad Summer - Maria Arredondo int
Makudonarudo Makudonarudo - Namewee Not Without Us int
Mistletoe And Wine Mistletoe And Wine - Cliff Richard Not Without Us int
Mosquito Boogie Gimme Dat Ding - The Pipkins Mosquito Boogie int
My First Cherry Pie My First Cherry Pie - Katzenjammer int
My Kind Of Country Boogie And Beethoven -
Gatlin Brothers
My Name Is Stain My Name Is Stain - Shaka Ponk   int+
NG3 The Anthem - NG3 int
Neste Sommer Neste Sommer - Tix   int
Never Ending Love Never Ending Song Of Love - New Seekers Not Without Us beg+
Not A Rumba Rumba Med Gunn - De Derre Rumba Med Gunn int
Not Without Us Not Without Us - DJ Ötsi Not Without Us beg
Perfect Love Perfect Love - Lutricia McNeal int
Play With Me Candlelight - Jack Savoretti Play With Me imp
Quicksand Quicksand - Caro Emerald   nov
Rave In The Grave Rave In The Grave - AronChupa Rockin' Little X-Mas int
Rock Mi Rock Mi - voXXclub   adv
Rockin' Little Christmas Rockin' Little Christmas -
Deborah Allan
Rockin' Little X-Mas novice
Roll With The Wind Roll With The Wind - Alexander Rybak Not Without Us int
Rudolph The Reindeer's Hangover Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Alan Jackson
Run Sue, Run! Runaround Sue - Dion Rockin' Little X-Mas beg
Samba Belinda Belinda - Markus & Martinus   int
Sarah's Angel Angel - Sarah McLachlan Rockin' Little X-Mas beg
Say My Name No More Say My Name - David Guetta   int
Scared Of Heights Scared Of Heights - Espen Lind (Norway) Rockin' Little X-Mas int+
Sealed With A Kiss Sealed With A Kiss - Chris De Burgh Sunny Day int
Seasons In The Sun Seasons In The Sun   int
Shakin' With Shaky Various songs of Shakin' Stevens beg+
Shame On Me Shame On Me - Rachel Proctor Shame On Me beg +
She Danced When She Started To Dance - Tony Carey Shame On Me int
Singing The Blues Singing The Blues - Guy Mitchell   nov
Small Town Girl Small Town Girl - Shannon Brown Small Town Girl int
Soldiers Soldiers - Abba Sunny Day int
Something in Spanish A Tu Manera - Sofia Reyes   int
Sticky Hands Sticky Hands - Jorun Stiansen   beg
Strange Heart Strange Heart - Earl Sunny Day nov
Sturm Und Drang A Million Nights - Sturm Und Drang Sunny Day adv
Sunny Afternoon Sunny Afternoon - Drake Bell   nov
Sunny Day
(aka Atter En Solskinnsdag)
En Solskinnsdag - Postgirobygget Sunny Day beg
Sugar And Pie Sugar And Pie - Bigfoot novice
Take Back Yesterday Take Back Yesterday -
Christian Ingebrigtsen
Taube's Waltz Änglamark - Evert Taube int
Teenage Minds Teenage Minds - Jûbel   beg
That Don't Bother Me That Don't Bother Me - Catherine Britt Sunny Day nov
Theme For A Dream Theme For A Dream - Cliff Richard   nov
This Is That This Is That - Mike Walker
Tired Of Being Sorry
Tired Of Being Sorry Tired Of Being Sorry -
Enrique Iglesias
Tired Of Being Sorry int
To Hell & Back Take You To Hell - Ava Max To Hell & Back int
Torero Torero - Chayenne adv
Tell Me Why It Hurts Tell Me Why - Jessica Folker
Hardly Hurts At All -
Maria Arredondo
Trouble Is A Friend Trouble Is A Friend - Lenka Tired Of Being Sorry int
Two Straws, One Check Fancy Like - Walker Hayes    
Two-Steppin' Christmas Two-Steppin' Around The Christmas Tree - Suzy Bogguss int
Umbrella Umbrella - The Baseballs   beg
Un, Dos, Tres Un, Dos, Tres - Sofia Reyes Tired Of Being Sorry beg
Under The Mango Tree Under The Mango Tree - Tim Tim Tired Of Being Sorry beg
Undressed Undressed - Sara Connor    
Walk With Me Walk With Me - Michael Learns To Rock Tired Of Being Sorry adv
What Now? Hur Gör Vi Nu - Sara Varga
Tired Of Being Sorry
Whiplash Wrong Night - Reba McEntire int
Win The Race Win The Race - Modern Talking Tired Of Being Sorry int
Wooden Heart Wooden Heart - Elvis Presley   nov
Wrapped Around Again Wrap Around - Keith Anderson beg
You Were There You Were There - Carter & Carter beg
Young Turks Young Turks - Rod Stewart   int

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