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Emne:                              World Line Dance Newsletter Wednesday and New Dances 6/4/08


Wednesday.  Stacy has added some more pictures to the JG 2 Marathon Report page.  If you didn't see it posted yesterday, it is now online and ready to read/look at.
SUBJECT: INFORMAL VOTE RESULTS OF FAVORITE DANCES TAUGHT AT THE JG 2 MARATHON -- Keep in mind that there weren't a zillion people voting for this survey and compare the results with others writing in about the event (those reports will be included on the page with the JG 2 Marathon Report as they come in).


16 Am I, Cato Larsen
15 Keep It Real/Scott Blevins/Int.-Adv.
14 Faith In Love/Junior Willis & Craig Bennet
14 The Smell Of Your Sweet Perfume, Simon Ward, taught by Lou Ann Schemmel
13 Too Deep/Scott Blevins/Int.
11 Footsteps in the Sand - Dee Musk
9 Fade Away/ Dee Musk
9 Irish Spirit choreographed by Maggie Gallagher, taught by John Robinson
8 Elevator-Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
8 In Your Arms - Zac Detweiller
7 Bring It/Paul McAdam/Int/Adv
7 Good Time Jackson, Dan Albro
7 Here We Go/Guyton Mundy/Adv.
7 Late in the Evening (7)/Chrisopher Petre
6 Boo-taaay / Amy Christenson
6 Everlast, JP Potter
5 Boot Camp Swing, Michele Burton and Michael Barr
5 Make A Memory / Michael Barr / Inter.
5 Searchin'/Big Dave&Shaz Walton/Int/Adv
4 American Pop-Michelle Burton
4 Cowboy, Cowboy, Dan Albro
4 Imagine That/John Robinson
4 Lie in the Sun/Pam Leader/Beg.-Int.
4 She Danced - Cato Larsen
4 Here Comes the Rain/Michele Burton and Michael Barr
3 Charleston Boogie, Nancy Morgan and Karen Hedges
3 Feed The Fetish / Scott Blevins / Inter.
3 Get On The Floor/John Robinson/Int.
3 Just Can't Stop choreographed by Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris, taught by Neville Fitzgerald
3 Saddle Up Shawty/Guyton Mundy
2 Barbed Wire Waltz/Christopher Petre/beg/int
2 Cha-lano/Michele Burton
2 Chili Hot Daniel Whittatker, taught by Dee Musk
2 Duck Soup Frank Trace
2 Feel Good Rhumba -- Frank Trace
2 Fix It/Junior Willis
2 Kelly's Dream, Dan Albro's pattern-partner dance
2 Ramalama, Christopher Petre
2 Take Me Away/Gerard Murphy
2 Wagon Wheel/Steve Lescarbeau
2 Waiting / Guyton Mundy
2 What You Got / Will Craig
Abdul's Comeback, Karen Hedges
Amor de Hielo, taught by Gerard Murphy
As Time Moves On/Seth Lilly
Chicken Rodeo, Cato Larsen
Could It Be You/Maggie Gallagher - taught by Lou Ann Schemmel
Diva's Nightclub/Maurice Rowe/int
Forgive Me/Kathy Hunyadi
Freaked Out/Zac Detweiller
Gonna Get Her / Seth Lilly
Guess It's Over/Dee Musk/int
Higher & Higher/Max Perry
Hold On World/Bracken Ellis
Hold On, Be Strong/Cato Larsen/
Hound dog/Jill Babinec & Judy McDonald
In Control/Cato Larsen
Mamacita/Steve Lescarbeau
Mercy/Kate Sala - taught by Pepper S
Mo Money / Maurice Rowe / Inter.
Phenomenon/Paul McAdam - taught by Guyton M
Pick Up My Stroll/Shaz Walton/Int
Pray/Johnny 2-Step
Sea Salt Sally - Kate Sala
Smokin Cha/John Robinson
So Glamorous/Francien Sittrop
Superzinger/Bracken Ellis/int
Sweet Talking Woman/Max Perry
Victimized/Johnny 2-Step
Walk On - Pepper
What's Your Name/Michael Barr
You Drive Me Crazy -- Jr. Willis
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1. Hidy - Hide, Gerald Biggs (Beg)
2. SeeYa, Tony Wilson (Beg)
3. February Waltz, Michael Lynn (Not Rated) VIDEO
4. Why I Love Home, Alan Haywood (Int) VIDEO
5. Crank It Up, Joe Steele (Beg/Int) VIDEO
6. Cowboy Up For 2, Kathy & Herb Dula (Beg/Int) VIDEO
7. Give Thanks, Thomas C. Tam (Beg)
8. Rockin My Life Away, Geoff Langford (Int)
9. One Women Man, Geoff Langford (Int)
10. Crazy Days, Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs (Not Rated)
NOTE: Videos has been added to the video page as well.
We had a good class last night.  Diane Poole did a quick review of BAM-A-LAM, Stacy did a quick review of PHENOMENON, Mary Ann did a quick review of  DANCE LIKE YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE, and Cheryl did a quick review of IRISH SPIRIT.  Nicole then taught FADE AWAY, Dee Musk, which was one of the popular dances from the Marathon and Diane did a quick teach/review of BRING IT, Paul McAdam.  I really like both of these dances.  Everyone has done such a good job of teaching dances.  It just makes me proud of them!!  I'm going to have to do one soon and I'm scared.  LOL.  We also danced a bunch so if you want to keep up with the new dances we do this nonprofit class the first and third Tuesday of every month.  We have a big list of dances to learn before the Florida Masters.  Hope you will join us sometime!!

SUBJECT:  Workshop & Party Night
Thursday 26th June 2008
***Francien Sittrop***
(Body To Body, Enjoy Your Life, Drizabone, So Glamorous, Gotta Hitch...)
Releasing a brand new dance to start off Ryan's new class!!!
St. Francis Church Hall
Poplar Crescent
West Midlands
3pounds 50pence
01902 674576
SUBJECT: - ONE DAY WORKSHOP JULY 20, 2008 - 12PM - 4PM WITH THE LEGENDARY JOANNE BRADY AT THE Fraternal Order of Eagles Sleepy Hollow, NY
As part of July - All American Dance Month, we will be hosting a workshop with Joanne Brady at the Fraternal Order of Eagles Sleepy Hollow, NY . July 20, 2008
We will start our July festivities with a one day workshop with the legendary JOANNE BRADY in Fraternal Order of Eagles, Sleepy Hollow in Westchester, NY Sunday July 20, 2008 12:00 to 4:00.
We had originally asked Ms. Brady to teach at All American Dance Weekend but she could not be with us due to her conflicting schedule, though she has gracefully offered to do a workshop for us on July 20, 2008.
Attention: Admission is $35 for registering before June 30.
Any registration after the June 30, will cost $40. We will offer lunch, beverages, dance sheets, great dances, music by DJ Alan, lots of smiles and good humor.
Register early. This will be a sure sellout.
Registration forms and fliers are posted on Alan's Gazette in or you can click on our website to the workshop link , print and mail the registration form. You may click here to register. Payment is only by cash or checks.
For more information and details please contact Alan or Lika Kohn at 845-215-5919 or write to
You sure do not want to miss the date!!
Also check-out on our website under Special Events section our All American Dance Weekend July 25-27 in Hudson Valley Resort and Spa.
Reservation are coming in from all the states and areas including Rhode Island, Cape Cod, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, NY, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusets.
We can't wait for July!!!!


Hi guys


Another cup of coffee time, or if it is past 6pm then partake of a glass of vino or just delete me!


Bad start to the holiday as I ended up near Littlehampton where my friend lives (taxi at eight and dont be late!) and yes I know where you live I said until I got near and thought hmmmmmm. So on phoning to find out where her house had moved to, I was dismayed to hear that she lived in Bognor........ I was not flavour of the month I can tell you!


Looking forward to 2 weeks in lovely Malta but the only drawback was you had to fly to get there so pooh! I was OK till I saw the planes all vying to get on the runway one after another. A teeny weeny jet with a jumbo up its a**e followed by an airbus then a...... was not conducive to peace of mind. Two lanes going into one, rather like the slipway to a motorway and boy did I get uptight when one pushed in but I guess they are in the hands of traffic controllers and do not have minds of their own! But I have to say there is no runway etiquette at all so felt quite at home! Our turn finally and off we went with my hands stuck like glue to the handrest and my eyes squeezed tightly shut! Who else lifts themselves off the seat to help the aircraft into the air and I'm sure I've said that before but still do it?


Luggage - yes I was overweight again and got the elephant sticker. I'm going for two weeks I tell the check in girl and I did try really hard to reduce it I say. At 27 kgs (I tried to cover up the dial so my friends could not see it, but they are all soooooo nosy) I was expecting a hefty excess payment but she let me off! And no, I did not wear half of it so I am slowly trying to leave things behind. Frankie's I don't like you and I don't like you is working.... On the return trip I had done a wee amount of shopping so had to use my fold up travel bag which I slip in just in case so the weight went up to 29 kgs with another bag as well! Oh dear says the check in girl at Air Malta before it even reaches the scales! I said well I have been shopping in your lovely country so she let me off, then saw my other bag! With eyebrows raised she told me off and not to do it again and for me to say a prayer for her lost soul! Of course not, I said and of course I will......


You either love Malta or you hate it. I love it, the weather, the people and the history. Valetta is such an impressive city and although there are not many beaches the ones they have are fine. Apart from, wait for it - the jellyfish. Da da da da, get out of the water! My friend got stung by one and I panicked and said, omigod, hospital you only have three hours to live, unless you get the anti serum! I am such a comfort huh? Her skin came up in blisters and weals but the local cafes were prepared and gave her a bottle of vinegar. Thank goodness they are not poisonous but we did not venture into the water again as the sea was full of the little buggars. We did not find the best beach until the last day - Paradise Beach and it was! Comfy loungers on a terrace overlooking the bay, restaurant behind us, ice cold lager in hand and no sand between your toes to worry about. Absolute bliss! Got to return for that beach alone. It was quite a trek back up the cliff but worth it. The film, 39 Steps, had nothing on this cliff walk! The roads in Malta are dire and we had hired this old boneshaker to run us all around in - we were still shaking when we got on the dance floor.... It wasnt spot the hole in the road, it was spot the smooth tarmac!


This holiday was run by Sylvia and Barry from the Sylbury Stompers Linedance Group on the island, a lovely couple who work their little socks off trying to keep everyone happy which is not easy! I'm easy to please as I just want to dance LOL! I also have my M&Bs to keep me happy too. We were given the same table for the duration, the venue for the dancing is great even though it is a marble floor which is hard on the knees but apart from being slippery from too much sweating apparently (yuk) not too much of a problem. I believe the most played dances of the holiday were AMOR DE HIELO and BOSA NOVA as I was sick of them by the end and I would like to send OKLAHOMA WIND back to Oklahoma please! Many requests were not played and yet others were danced many times but I guess you just have to accept this and go with the flow! We did get to dance some of the more iffy dances late at night (like at 1 am in the morning) but thats fine.


I did get a bit confused with their table planning as apparently we all had different labels. If you had attended the previous two years then you got a white sticker and had priority and could sit where you liked, if it was your first year you had to sit on a table with a black label, if you it was your second time then you had second priority and could sit at a white sticker table as long as the second timers didnt want that table. If you were a islander then you had a pink sticker and had to find a space, if you were a guest then you had to stand and if you came from Ireland then you had to stand at the back LOL. AND if you were Barry then your place was on the stage fiddling with all the knobs and interferring (sorry readjusting) the sound quality.... I got my table from last year so we were happy as I would have been confused otherwise!


The lovely Heather Ward was the resident instructor and ably assisted by Pat on whichever wall Heather sent her to, taught us some great dances. So, to the most important bit, dances taught. 16 in all - too many? I dont think so as over two weeks you get the chance to dance them and with the many walk throughs (even after midnight!) no problemo. Actually 18, as we learned another 2 at another venue on the island.


I LOVE YOU BECAUSE (taught by Sylvia)
Nice little warm up dance to start us off with and oh no, another one you want to sing along to. This one by Roy Verplonk and Wil Bos - says its a 32 count 4 wall beginner but more for the improvers. This one flows and even though it had a tag on the front wall which I forgot to tell them about when I taught it last night, they picked it up no problem. Music is not Jim Reeves but a lovely up beat version by Ana Tayler, she of the 1,2,3 fame which we use for Thanks a Lot. So Thanks a Lot Roy and Wil cos I do like this little dance. No tag when Marisa Tomato sings it as she is sensible and drops that bit. Maybe we can train all the singers to do this.


BLACK & GOLD (taught by Heather)
Learned it in Jersey, loved it and so was happy that it was being done here so we could dance it. Nice cool jazzy track by Sam Sparro, choreographed by T&V. Tag free but a tad tricky in places - those shoulder pops with opposing knee pops feel a bit odd and take a bit of getting used to. If you pop wrong the first time, you lose the rhythm!


FEET DON'T FAIL ME NOW (taught by Sylvia)
Oldie taught as Marisa Tomato sings it and we had her a few times during the holiday as she is a Malteser. However, Sylvia's feet did fail her for this one as all the steps were there, just not in the right places! Sylvia did make up for this the next time and enjoyed by all as first Marisa then CALICO sang this old favourite. Cant remember who choreographed this one.


OKLAHOMA WIND (taught by Sylvia)
64 count tadpole free dance by Gaye Teather. Think Sylvia was worn out poor thing from all the organising involved so mixed up the first 16 counts but they got it in the end. It is a nice dance and it fits really well to the music but had already done this one and the dog still died. By the end of the holiday I wanted to send it back to Oklahoma. Do like the 3/4 sweep into a cross point - can we have this in another dance please? More of an Ed Lawton step to my mind - Gaye, did you pinch it from one of his dances LOL?


LIKE A HERO (taught by Heather)
Robbie McGowan Hickie's new dance to another Europop song. 64 counts and with two tags in it (are we sure its Robbie's?) Think this was the favourite of the fortnight, although personally for me it did not flow as they usually do. The hitch chasse left felt a bit odd and the majority forgot it each time! As they did the first 16 count tag and the second 4 count tag. I am sure though that it will be a hit and if anyone can be bothered to work out how to vote on the Linedancer Magazine charts, you will be a hero and it may even knock the No. 1 off its post!
BTW, do all Robbie's dances end with a rock 3/4 turn......


We need to keep Barry off the stage too whilst people are teaching as a bit of SNAP, CRACKLE AND POP went on with the mike feedback. Maybe thats why the hitch chasse didnt feel comfortable - side rock, hitch, screech, chasse left screech does not make a dance flow.


KISS KISS (taught by Midge from Scotland)
Fun partner dance and apologies but I cant remember who's dance it was or the music but it looked good.


DID YOU EVER (taught by Pat)
32 count dance by Robbie McGowan Hickie. Love this one and the track by Belle Perez is fab. Timing and speed of the dance does catch you out as that last full turn is deceptive. Pat was such a trooper teaching this dance as she had fallen down the steps at Mdina the previous day and was really badly bruised.


INSIDE OUT (taught by Heather)
Kim Ray's new dance to a lovely haunting track by Roch Vosine. Taught this one recently in my own classes and its fab, so nice to be able to dance it here. If you like NC2s then its a must. One little restart. I do sometimes struggle with the timing of the restart as you go from a 1&2 count to a 1,2& so makes you think where you are. Maybe its just moi!


MY VERONICA (taught by Sylvia)
64 count dance by the prolific Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs. Called MY VERUKA now. I had recently learned this one and do quite like it and was pleased that Sylvia had taught it as I was turning the wrong way on the second full turn. Doesnt feel quite right turning the right way now though! Do love their dances though - think they could keep me in dances for all my classes for the foreseeable future alone!


FIRE ON ICE (taught by Heather)
Kate Sala dance to a lovely track by Mark Medlock, Why This Kiss. I first learned this dance in Blackpool and although liked it, had forgotten about it so was really pleased this was done as the second time around it really grew on me and I loved it. The great thing about a dance like this with lots of different step combinations to make you think is that you get the time to learn it properly and with a teacher like Heather, this is what you do. Nice one.


Sylvia and Barry gave all us instructors an opportunity to teach a dance if we wanted so I took it just for the experience! Really enjoyed it, although the dancers all turned into aliens from my viewpoint! Chose this one as I had the stepsheet (and managed to obtain the music) with me (always have a pile to learn on holiday!). Nice little dance by Peter and Alison to an upbeat version by Louise - a lollipop to the first one who knows who sang the original! 48 count beginner dance with a choice of changing the last steps, although I did have trouble making them heel switches due to the extra & count, as you cant have 2 & steps together otherwise you would fall over or did I interpret their lovely step sheet wrong?!


FEED THE FETISH (moi again!)
My favourite dance of the moment - was asked to teach this one after we had danced it the night before with the Irish people visiting for the night. Just love it and you can make it as easy or as hard as you want to. Not everyone's cup of tea but a healthy number wanting to learn and enjoy it. So with four finishes, a bucket and a wobble, easy peasy! Scott Blevin's 32 count tag free dance. Goes so well to the music.


WORDS (taught by Heather)
Audrey Watson's fab new 40 count easy intermediate dance to an upbeat version of the Bee Gee original (was it them?) by F R David. This was very enjoyable (does remind me a tad of Be Strong so another hit in the making for Audrey methinks) and we loved it. Two little taglets and the music said, TAG, so no problem with that. Suited Heather's way of teaching cos she was a woman of many words!!


IRISH SPIRIT (taught by Sylvia)
Many wanted to learn this one so Sylvia put it in the programme at the end for those who wanted to stay on and not go out and enjoy the lovely Malta sunshine - you dont get that in Britain, now do you?. Maggie G's latest 32 count Irish dance which is very popular and energetic with a 16 count tag at the front wall where you get a rest.


EL MUNDO BAILANDO or something like that!
This was taught over at the Irish party's hotel by Tommy, their instructor. We went over there for an evening and had a fun time. Got to do some of the more funky stuff that I enjoy. He taught this one by Peter and Alison and hugely enjoyable. Another fab track by Peter and Alison and I have already taught this one. Yes there are some tags and a restart but dont let it put you off, the music is great.


Another one was taught which was a great little beginner dance and you really must try it out but I cant remember what it was called apart from it started with an A - must be the lovely Irish accent! Anyone have a clue what it was - it had a double dose of step half turn step, step quarter turn step at the beginning and a rhumba box near the and if that helps! Sounds a bit latiny too.


Bands - PLAIN LOCO the first week. Faulty Towers sound system did not do them justice and with Barry breaking their mike, they had to use his and he kept fiddling with their knobs so none too pleased. They were still great though - it must be difficult for bands going overseas and it is not feasible for them to take their own equipment which they know and love, and so have to put up with what is available. The fabulous CALICO following the next week I am sure were given lots of advice beforehand LOL so they were prepared somewhat.


All in all a fab holiday and one I would wish to repeat again and again on this lovely island. The icing on the cake was that Marisa Tomato was making a film for Malta TV and a DVD so 12 or so of us were film extras out by the swimming pool for a couple of hours. Nearly grapevine, grapevine splash! I now know I do not wish to be a film extra and I am safe in the knowledge that noone will see it over here (he he!). They were filming the 7 other clubs on the island as well so no doubt it will only be a quick glimpse of us lot. We had to dance OKLAHOMA WIND (now you know why I want to send it back to Oklahoma!), FEET DON'T FAIL ME NOW and ROLLIN' WITH THE FLOW four times each so they could film it at different angles. They did want to do SOMEBODY LIKE YOU too but Barry called a halt at 7pm cos he wanted his dinner! Our feet ached and we were all tired so not a problem! Fun though.


Anyway, thats it hope you not been bored and watch this space for the next one!


SUBJECT:  Bonanza Bash 2008
Thought I would send a few lines about the great weekend we had in Ontario at the Bonanza Bash. It was the 2nd year for Peter and I to be invited to do this event and we weren't to be disappointed. The location was wonderful, the hotel was exceptional and the dancers were amazing and not to forget the great professionalism af all the instructors who taught over the course of the weekend. There were many great dances taught by everyone present: John Robinson, Max Perry, Kathy Hunyadi, Mark Cosenza, Rubin Luna and of course Peter and I. We have some great stuff to take back to our classes.
Rubin and Peggy did a great job of standing in for Doug and Jackie, they could not be there this year because of their other commitments, everything ran like clockwork. I do believe it was kudos to the professional instructors at this event as they all knew what to do and where to be without any nudges from anyone necessary.
This year was also the first time I DJ'd a whole event in the US from start to finish and it was so enjoyable, so relaxed, not presurred in any way and a great experience. I do DJ many events in the UK including the Linedancer Magazine Crystal Boot Awards, this I have done for the last 5 years. The weekend was run mainly by request from the dancers and I tried to play something for everyone and if we could have gone on all night I'm sure it would have happened. Also saw some great new dances on the dance floor to check out when we get back home.
Right now Peter and I have been holidaying in CA, decided to visit Palm Springs after the Bash and haven't left here since, the weather is just tooooo nice 90-100? every day and as the temperature elsewhere has only been 60+ well what can I say. Have visited many beautiful places and now it's time to think about getting on the plane to fly to New York, one more event before we fly home to the UK and no doubt the cold - yuk! This is the first holiday we have had together and now we have sampled what it's like I think we need to schedule one in more often.
Before going I would like to thank everyone on behalf of Peter and I for your support, as we always say if it wasn't for you the dancers we couldn't do what we enjoy and love so much - look forward to seeing you on the dancefloor!
Happy dancing!
Alison Biggs
Subject: Instructors Meetings
From: Jan, NY
I would like to start an instructors meeting in our area but need some input from other people in the line dance community that are having meetings as to what their meeting format consists of. It would help to know how often you have them, what you do at your meetings, etc. Our area has instructors who do just country and others do only progressive and then there are instructors who will do both. I would like, somehow, to get us all together to at least help to promote one another without forcing anyone to dance to music they don't like. If anyone has suggestions for me, I would very much appreciate your advice and input. Please email me privately.
Thank you,
Jan, NY
Subject: Vegas Dance Explosion 2008
FROM: Doug & Jackie Miranda


Come join us for the annual Vegas Dance Explosion being held at the fabulous
Riviera Hotel and Casino. We will have 5 days and nights of line dance fun
in exciting Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world! We begin
Wednesday, November 19 and end Sunday night, November 23 with the 4th Annual
Dancers Choice Awards Dinner Show and Dance. We have something different up our
sleeve for this year's Awards Night which will allow for more time for your last
evening of dancing! Workshops will begin at 10:00 AM with
1 1/2 hour lunch breaks and 2+ hour dinner breaks to give you a chance to
eat and "recharge" for more dancing! We offer repeat workshops throughout the 5
days. If you love to line dance, we promise that you will get your fix at
this event! If you are just starting out, we will also have beginner workshops
just for you! At the Vegas Dance Explosion you will enjoy:
- 40,000 sq. ft. of combined ballroom space
- Instructors' Dance Demos
- Repeat workshops
- Large ballrooms with Wooden Dance Floors
- A dedicated ballroom for Beginner Dances
- Plenty of Open Dancing ALL DAY LONG!
- New Line Dance Choreography Competition
- Evening Dance Parties for all 5 nights!
- Sunday night Dinner and Dancers Choice Awards/Celebration Dance
Our list of confirmed Instructors and Choreographers (with more to be
confirmed) include:
* Michael Barr (California)
* Alison Biggs (England)
* Michelle Burton (California)
* John Growler (England)
* Kathy Hunyadi (Florida)
* Jo & John Kinser (England)
* Paul McAdam (England)
* Judy McDonald (Canada)


* Rachael McEnaney (England)
* Peter Metelnick (England)
* Doug & Jackie Miranda (Tennessee)
* Guyton Mundy (Florida)
* Max Perry (Florida)
* Philip Sobrielo (Singapore)
* Roy Verdonk (Netherlands)


The Vegas Dance Explosion will be held at the beautiful Riviera Hotel and
Casino located on the famous Las Vegas Strip. The Riviera is known for it's
spacious Convention Center where all the workshops will be held. Enjoy a smoke
free environment - the guest room elevator locations allow you easy access to
the ballrooms so you can walk from your hotel room to the ballrooms without
having to walk through the casinos. The Riviera hosts refurbished oversized
rooms that offer a breathtaking view of the glittering Las Vegas Strip. We
encourage you to make your room reservations early to take advantage of the
special discounted event rate of just $99.00 Sunday-Thursday and $119.00 Friday
and Saturday nights. Call 1-800-634-6753 (Reservations) or call the Riviera
Hotel direct at (702)794-9412. Make sure to request the special group rate for
the Vegas Dance Explosion to take advantage of these special rates we have rese
rved just for you! Room block is limited so please call now.


Enjoy the early bird event registration discounts if you register before the
deadline! For a flyer and registration form, please visit our website at
_www.djdancing.com_ ( Although we have started our new
show SWING TIME in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Please do not hesitate to email
us at _Bonanzab@aol.com_ ( or call us at
(951)756-4451. See you there!


Doug and Jackie Miranda
Executive Producers/Event Directors
"Swing Time!" Grand Opening May 2, 2008 at The Grand Majestic Theater,
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (Traffic light #2 Teaster Lane)
Website: _www.thegrandmajestic.com_ (
"MOD QUAD Dirty Dancing Weekend" September 11-14,2008 Mountain Lake Hotel,
Pembroke, Virginia
"Vegas Dance Explosion" November 19-23, 2008 at the Riviera Hotel and
Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Website: _www.djdancing.com_ (
DDM Productions
125 Music Mountain Drive
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
Phone: (865) 774-7777
FAX: (865)774-3333
Hi All
I want to say a huge huge thankyou to Jean and James and all who made me feel so welcome at this years JG2. I had the best time meeting friends old and new.
I had an amazing time. Thanks to everyone who supported my workshops and also to the fabulous judges in the pro-choreography competition for chosing Footprints In The Sand as 1st place (still overwhelmed with the result). :-) Massive congrats also to Junior and Will - luv ya.
You are all such a wonderful extended family across the pond and I miss y'all already.
Much Love
Dee xx
Subject: Hot Tamales Line Dance Festival
From: Michele Perron, BC, Canada


Hot Tamales Line Dance Festival is to be held on Saturday, August 9th at the West Vancouver Seniors Centre, 695 21st Street, West Vancouver [corner of 21st and Marine Drive].


TWO workshop rooms: Intermediate and Beginner rooms. "Fabulous" lunch and dance script booklet. Early registration "discount price" by July 20th!


Evening social dances with deejays Ember Schira and Michele Perron plus a choreography competition.


Guest Instructors: Susan Clark, Dee Cresdee, Karla & Paul Dornstedt, Ember Schira and Michele Perron.


The flyer and registration forms are availabe on


We hope to see you out to this fun day of workshops and dancing. Michele & Brian
Michele Perron
DANCE Expressions
Subject: Clubside , Ocala, Fl


Tuesday line dance class begins at 5:30pm for beginners and 7pm for intermediate/advanced. Cost is $5.00. Club is located at 2913 Old Jacksonville Rd., Ocala., Fl. Monthly line dance night is Sat. the 14th of June. Doors open at 7pm and cost is $5.00. All requests honored. Come have a fun night of line dancing.


Subject: Maggie G Workshop - Oving, Nr Chichester - 31 May 08 


Always have something to look forward to, thats my motto! In linedancing its achievable as there is always the next social, class, event, weekend, holiday on the horizon so the time whizz's by!


Attended a Maggie Gallagher Workshop & Disco at the Oving Jubliee Hall, near Chichester run by Phil Cooper. Successful and enjoyable workshop for Phil and his merry gang of helpers and he will be running a workshop around about the same time next year. Not sure you will get in cos he was sold out, so just shows that these events are still popular in the south. I look forward to the next one.


For once the weather behaved and the day was lovely and sunny so the doors open to a nice little patio on the side was wonderful. Came in handy to top up my suntan which is rapidly fading in our British weather, as its being washed off on a daily basis!


Maggie was in good form, even though she was 22 weeks pregnant but only a little bump to show so far - she does admit to getting sleepy in the evenings though so it was nice of her to stay on till mid evening to go through the dances again.


Dances taught:-


64 count intermediate dance to a great rocking country track by Billy Ray Cyrus. This was taught at a previous Maggie G workshop back in early March so one wall and it was back in my head. One tag on the front wall. I do like this dance but not seen it done since the previous workshop which is a shame. The turns, followed by the step clap clap, turn step clap straight into 2 pivots do give rise to a wee bit of giddiness - yes, you can do alternatives steps but if I cant manage a step, I dont tend to do it! Think the only one I dont do the turns on is WHOLE LOT OF LEAVIN' as I think the turns make the dance look messy.


64 count 4 wall improver dance choreographed by Maggie in April so its an oldie now! Track Don't Need No Other by Rodney Crowell is fab to listen to but felt the dance was so rushed, we thought 'where's the fire'. Some nice steps in it though. Maybe you could fit WISHFUL THINKING to this track to give it a new lease of life?
I think I was in the minority however as everyone else enjoyed the dance - I'm getting old!


Maggie's brand new, never been done before, dance. 32 counts, intermediate and a Europop track by Sanna Nielsen (oh she of the Pop Idol in Sweden or Norway, cant remember, fame). I did like the track but unfortunately the dance didnt do anything for me whatsoever. I dont know whether choreographers are running out of steps or want to introduce new ones but a heel spin to me is ungainly, clumsy and does nothing for the dance at all. Just my opinion of course and good luck to those who can manage it with panache. I cant, I admit it. Maybe it was my grecian sandals but I was not going to injure my foot which is just recovering, for a move in dance that I dont like or can do! When I asked for the steps to be clarified, I was a tad annoyed when Maggie said to all, "I thought I had just told you what to do"! Well, yes she did but I thought I had misheard as couldnt follow. Me being me just asked as all around me people were saying 'what'! I think I will keep quiet in future (anyone got a gag!). Its easier for those near the front at a workshop to follow but sometimes you do need a few goes at it, before you can get it. Hey ho, I did try but failed. So left the floor and went and enjoyed the sun! Track is available as a download on - maybe someone can choreographe a beginner dance to this as the music is great. Audrey................................. I'm looking for some funky beginner ones if anyone has any good ones BTW!


One of my favourite dances at the moment, so was nice to see it being taught by Maggie so we can do it out and about. Advanced NC2 and a lovely dance to a lovely track by Cascada. As I already knew it though, it was out in the sunshine again but I did need a rest! Was up like a shot though when the music went on. Love it! Maggie was really surprised by the standard of all the dancers at the workshop in the south. Errrr yes we can dance too!


Social dancing in the evening and the day passed all too quickly. Nice spot and we tried to go for a meal in the break to a local pub called The Gribble Inn, where we were met by a nasty landlord. He was obviously stressed and was making scathing remarks about the troop of linedancers all wanting a meal (not us) that had just come in and were now out in the garden. Well, I mean, what would you have done! To cut a long story short (!) we went back to the hall where we had a lovely meal provided courtesy of Frankie's daughter who runs a cafe on Hayling Island and did the catering and worked hard all day! We should have stayed there in the first place but wanted to stretch our legs after all the dancing! So anyone visiting West Sussex, dont go to that pub. The other linedancers were moaning about him too, so it wasnt the effect I had on him (honest!).


Look forward to the next Maggie G workshop.


Subject: Moose Lodge, Holiday Fl.
From: Sheila
Come join us tonight for our last Wed. night for the summer.
I will be teaching Alan Jackson's new one from the longest
line dance called "Good Time" also 2 old goodies..........
"Pick A Pocket" and "You Me & The Country".
Here are just a few we do........
Crazy Foot Mambo ,Ooh Poo Pah Doo ,Dance Like Your The Only One ,Devils Shadow .Kill The Spider ,Butter Beans ,Baby Cha ,Eye Candy ,Mr. In-between ,Zjossy's ,Funk ,
If you have something, bring it, I'll play it...........
I'll keep you posted when I start up in the fall.
Thanks for your support
Sheila 727-848-7683
Please pass the word.............
Last week with it being a Bank Holiday on the U K did not expect many and played catch up so taught T & V's BLACK AND GOLD to the music Sam Sparro. Seem to be the last ones around this area to teach this one. Got a bit of a mixed reaction as quite a few thought the steps did not flow that well (body seemed to be leaning one way and the flow of the dance went the other). This week the dance went far better, and they got to grips with it. Some dances just appear to take longer to grasp, and this was one, lots of good feed back this week.
This weeks dance we had heard a lot of good feed back from a weekend event here in the U K that this was the dance of the weekend. Alan Birchalls dance 2025 64count 2 wall no tags or restarts Music 2025 Candy Dulfer. This is NOT a typical Alan dance, far to funky for what he normally writes. The dance did seem very fast at first, but once it gets in your head, is nowhere near as fast as first appears. This one appealed to all the class and not just the ones that love Country or Funky. Alan you amazed us all, how well you choreographed a good funky dance for everyone, no wonder it was such a big hit of the weekend, just great.
Recaps GOTTA HITCH, another great must do dance that is doing very well around this area another class favorite. Also Like a Dream P & A surprised the Country lovers have not picked up on this one, a nice slower dance that will be lovely when our Summer arrives here in the U K.
All the above dances mention are available to watch on our site.
Graham & Kathy

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